Sadia Yilla

Sadia Yilla

2012 - Sadia Yilla is a former UNDP JPO in Costa Rica (1988-1990). She is now Special Advisor for the Strategic Planning and Advisory Services (Office of Human Resources - Bureau of Management).


JPO Assignment

When and where did you work as a JPO?

From August 1988 to September 1990 - JPO Costa Rica funded by the Italian Government.


How did the JPO assignment help in your career?

It exposed me to programme management and implementation in a strong office where I had great mentors and coaches. It allowed me to work officially in a second language and it prepared me well to take on increasingly complex responsibilities. It strengthened my analytical and communication skills and taught me how to work successfully in a multicultural environment.


Post JPO career path

How did you get an assignment with UNDP at the end of your JPO assignment?

I was a successful graduate of the 1990 Management Training Programme (MTP) that identified future UNDP management leaders. This led to my first mainstream assignment as a Programme Officer in Namibia.


What has been your career path with UN(DP) until now?

- September 1990 to March 1992: Programme Officer in UNDP Namibia

- March 1992 to May 1994: Deputy Resident Representative (Programme/Operations) in UNDP Equatorial Guinea

- May 1994 to January 1997: Chief of a Staffing Unit

- January 1997 - September 2002: HR Adviser to RBLAC

- September 2002 - September 2005: Team Leader for the HR/Payroll Module of Atlas HCM

- September 2005 - present: Chief of Staff Administrative Services & Deputy Director of the Nordic Office in Copenhagen, Denmark.


What is your major lesson learned during your life-long career with UN(DP) in terms of professional growth, career planning and opportunities?

That hard work and dedication in the world of development needs to be complimented with knowledge sharing and networking. We are never successful alone but as a team.