JPO and SARC stories

Beyond the programme, JPOs and SARCs are people. Young professionals who experience a different life abroad and work in a UN environment during several years. Get inspired by their stories and their views about cooperation, cultures, learning from others and living abroad.

Read also the stories of former JPOs and SARCs in this section. How was their career path after the programme? Where do they work? What kind of jobs do they obtain? Put a face on a former JPOs and SARCs in this section.

Developing the next National Development Plan for Lesotho

Tiina Turunen, who was a Finnish-funded JPO with UNDP, shared with us her experiences and insights on her assignment in Lesotho and South Africa.more

Explore the JPO/SARCs locations and their stories.

Blue markers show partner countries who sponsored JPOS/SARCs. Red markers show duty stations where they work(ed). Click through to read their stories and interviews. Click on the map and drag to move the map


A JPO Journey around the world

Walk with us in the footsteps of 5 JPOs during their assignments around the world. Get to meet current and former JPOs, know their role in the organization and the impact of their work. 

اضغط هنا لمشاهده الفيديو مترجم للعربيه  

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