Current Vacancies

When new vacancies for UNDP and UN Women JPO positions usually financed by Belgium, UK, Denmark and The Netherlands become available, they are posted on this page. You can also follow us on twitter to be kept informed of new JPO or SARC vacancies from the countries listed above, as well as other partner countries. 

For positions sponsored by other partner countries, read the page dedicated to each country in the partner countries section.


Vacancies sponsored by the Government of Italy


The deadline for submitting applications to the 2017-2018 round of the JPO Programme is 15 December 2017 at 3 pm (Italian local time). 

Applications to the Programme can only be submitted online through the Online Web Application (OWA) of the UN/DESA Office in Rome. 
Before starting the application process, please read ALL documents concerning the JPO Programme and its eligibility criteria.

The Italia JPO Programme is open for Italians and for the 2017/2018 edition, a limited number of positions will be assigned to candidates from developing countries. Kindly check the requirements here.

For more information, kindly check the page of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.


Vacancy sponsored by the Government of Sweden

The below vacancy is sponsored by the Government of Sweden and is addressed exclusively to nationals of Sweden or with permanent residency in Sweden fluent in written-oral Swedish and having undertaken some of their education in Sweden.

Candidates should have a minimum of five years of paid, relevant work experience and be no more that 38 of age as of 31 December of the year of application.


Vacancy sponsored by the Government of Canada

The below vacancy is sponsored by the Government of Canada and is addressed exclusively to nationals of Canada.

Candidates should hold a Master degree and be no more than be 32 years as of 31 December of the year of application. Kindly check the vacancy for more details on the requirements.

  • JPO - Climate Change Analyst, UNDP Haiti

    The above position is open in the context of the Junior Professional Officer (JPO) Programme scheme sponsored by the Government of Canada. Kindly check the requirements before applying. Deadline for applications: 8 December 2017.more 


Since JPOs are sponsored by their respective governments, not all nationalities are eligible to apply for the JPO Programme.

Please see our list of partner countries to check if you are eligible to apply. Potential candidates with double nationality should check both nationalities and choose the most favourable one.

Tips and recommendations for your online application

Before starting the application, you are recommended to examine the sample copy of the application document. This will give you the opportunity to collect and prepare all the requested information that you need before starting the online application process.

It is a good idea to pre-type some information outside of the system and use the "cut and paste" method to reduce the time needed online and chance of error in the system.

The Personal History Form (P11)

Here are some guiding tips to help you complete a Personal History Form (P11) correctly:

  • For all entries, clearly indicate the percentage of working time to reflect full/part-time nature of the work i.e. full time 100%, and if part time 50% - 60%...
  • For consultancies, please indicate a lump sum annual amount or the daily rate
  • For non-UN positions, please input the annual income.
  • For UN positions, please indicate type of contract and salary level, i.e. P1, P2 etc
  • Clearly specify unpaid volunteer and internships as such
  • Kindly avoid overlapping employment periods unless followed by explanatory text

Cover letter

The "Cover letter" section in the online application offers you the opportunity to explain what has motivated you to apply for the specific position (or positions). It is also an opportunity for you to highlight what you think are your most relevant qualifications for the particular position(s) you are interested in.

Please note that you are expected to write a separate and relevant cover letter for each position for which you are applying.

For your cover letter(s), please use the language indicated beside the respective vacancy notice, which is the language of the duty station and in which a high level of competency is required. There is, however, provision for limited language training for the selected candidate if necessary.

Employment Record

Please list any relevant work experience you have. You may include internships, part-time or voluntary work as well as full-time paid work - but please indicate if it is unpaid or part-time. It is important to include a detailed description of the main responsibilities and tasks you carried out during each period of employment.