How to request a JPO or a SARC?

Requesting a JPO post through the JPO Online Request System

Woman sits with childrenSara Cortés in Namibia. Photo: UNDP.

In order to benefit from one or more JPOs in 2018, the first step is to post your office’s JPO request(s) to the revamped Online Request System where your office will be able to upload one or several JPO requests, using the corporate JPO job description template. Submitters should use their UNDP intranet username and password to access the new online request system.


Please note, however, that entering a JPO request does not automatically mean that you will benefit from JPO funding, as the JPO partner countries support JPOs according to their thematic and geographic priorities. Additionally, several traditional partner countries have reduced their participation in the JPO Programme due to budget constraints. While new partnership opportunities also arise, including those with emerging partners, the overall funding context remains challenging. For these reasons, and in order to maximize your chances of receiving a JPO, we recommend you to include your request for JPOs into your overall resource mobilization strategy and to link your JPO request to the strategic priorities of the respective partner/donor country.


In order to effectively build on the JPO talent pool, the OHR JPO Service Centre works closely with receiving duty stations through the JPO recruitment, induction, learning and career development activities. Therefore, we would like to emphasize that when requesting and receiving a JPO, your office is making a commitment to manage the performance and support the development of the JPO in the most effective manner, including providing the JPO with guidance and feedback to fully perform his/her job duties and grow with the assignment.


All new JPO requests must be submitted via the new online request system.

JPO requests that are more than two years old will be archived and removed from the JPO Request System by the end of the year. HR focal points in your office, and/or supervisors who previously submitted JPO requests, can through the online request system update the JPO request.  

The JPO Service Centre will be happy to assist your office to access the JPO online Request System should the need arise. Please contact the focal point, Jean-Luc Marcelin, at



Requesting a SARC post for the UN Resident Coordinator Office

Esther Senso was a SARC in Guinea-Bissau. Photo: UNDP.Esther Senso was a SARC in Guinea-Bissau. Photo: UNDP.

The placements of SARCs are done in close cooperation between partner countries and JPOSC, and are based on a mix of the expressed needs of offices in the UN system and partner country priorities.

The first step is to submit a Job Description to the revamped online request system. Please read the above comments on requesting a JPO as they also apply to SARC request.