Why Partnering with UNDP on the JPO Programme?

Strengthening the JPO Programme

Several UN organizations have already entered a JPO partnership with UNDP and outsourced all or part of the administration of their JPO Programme to the UNDP JPO Service Centre (JPOSC), and benefiting from the expertise of an entity specialised in JPO matters.

UN organizations partnering with UNDP on their JPO Programme experience increase in their JPO populations, improved workflow processes and high client satisfaction rates, as assessed in the annual JPOSC Partner Organisation Satisfaction surveysN

Partner UN organizations can use the legal agreements signed between UNDP and partner countries funding JPOs, enhancing resource mobilisation opportunities within a pre-set legal framework. 

Reducing administration and HR workload for the UN organisation

When entering a JPO partnership, UNDP becomes responsible for the entire JPO administration process, from recruitment, hire, to separation. In other words, the UN partner organisation no longer needs to take care of the day-to-day human resources and financial administration of their JPOs, which include the time-consuming hire and separation processes. 

By delegating to UNDP the entitlement administration of their JPOs, partner organizations gain time and efficiency and can focus on strategic activities, such as resource mobilization, donor relationship and JPO talent management. 


Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence

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