The JPO Programme

What is the JPO Programme?

Established in 1963,  the JPO Programme provides young professionals pursuing a career in development with hands-on experience in multilateral technical cooperation.

JPOs are motivated young talent who are interested in working on development-related issues within the context of the United Nations. They assist in the design and implementation of UNDP’s programming activities, while benefiting from the supervision and guidance of senior UNDP staff members.

UNDP JPOs are young professionals under 32 years of age working in the field or in Headquarters for usually two to three years. 125 JPOs are currently assigned to UNDP in 65 different countries.

How does it impact a partner country?

The JPO Programme represents a form of development aid through the United Nations System, especially targeted at benefitting the Least Developed Countries. The programme may also support specific goals of the donor in promoting and advancing priority areas in targeted countries.

As such, the JPO Programme represents a continuous flow of technical cooperation personnel from various partner countries and provides room for privileged relationships between the UN Agency and the Partner Country because of the continuity and history of their programmes. It also allows for opportunities for national counterpart colleagues and beneficiaries to experience cross-cultural relationships in many specialized areas of professional work.

What are the benefits for young professionals?

The JPO Programme provides young professionals the opportunity to gain a unique exposure to UNDP’s work and to multilateral development cooperation. 

The JPOs serve primarily in one of the country offices of the participating UN agencies in developing countries. A limited number of JPOs (currently some 28%) are posted to various Headquarters locations. 

Under the supervision of a senior staff member, JPOs work with international and national staff and are involved in the identification, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the UN agencies-supported programmes. Purposes of assignments vary and may have a country-specific, regional, sector-based or thematic focus.

A JPO Journey around the world

Walk with us in the footsteps of 5 JPOs during their assignments around the world. Get to meet current and former JPOs, know their role in the organization and the impact of their work. 

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