How to select a JPO position?

The JPO Online Request System

The JPO Service Centre has developed an online recruitment database to streamline the process of recruitment and placement of UNDP and affiliated, UNFPA, UNU, UNWTO and WIPO JPOs.

All the partner countries have online access to the database and are able to view the data with regard to the current distribution of JPOs as well as all the JPO vacancies available for funding.

As a partner country you can view the JPO job description and related organogram of each duty station by clicking on the post that you are interested in. Once you have decided which posts your Government wishes to sponsor, kindly let us know by e-mail or other means. We will then earmark these posts for your Government's or your organisation's sponsorship.

For obvious reasons, we may not be able to "reserve" the posts for you in the event that you only express preliminary interest as opposed to the firm commitment to fund.

The steps


1- Connect to the online request system (no password required)

2- Review the Terms of References published by duty stations

3- Contact us to express your interest in one or several posts

4- The JPOSC will provide a cost estimate and further details about the procedure


How to select a Specialist Development Programme Officer (SDP)

Regarding the SDPProgramme, the placements of SDPs are done in close cooperation between partner countries and JPOSC, and are based on a mix of the expressed needs of offices in the UN system and partner country priorities.

For more information about how to select a SARC, please contact the JPOSC focal points: Jean-Luc Marcelin.