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The JPO Programme issponsored by partner countries which offer that way a great opportunity to their national young professionals to get hands-on experience in a UN Agency.

This section gives information about partner countries participating in the programmes. It also explains the benefits and the procedure for potential new partners to join the programmes.

A continuous flow of technical cooperation personnel

The JPO Programme represents a form of development aid through the United Nations System, especially targeted at benefitting the Least Developed Countries. The programme may also support specific goals of the partner country in promoting and advancing priority areas in targeted countries.more

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Workshop Maputo

The JPO Programme

What is the JPO programme and how does it impact a partner country? What are the benefits for young professionals? more 

Flags of Partner countries

Current Partner Countries

List of Partner Countries currently sponsoring JPO or SARC positions administered by the JPO Service Centre. more 


Why Partnering with UNDP on the JPO Programme?

Benefits for the Partner Country. A programme tailored to the Partner Country's needs and objectives more 

How to become a Partner Country

Governments interested in pursuing this initiative can either sponsor their own nationals; fund a certain percentage of citizens of developing countries. more 

Map of JPOs location

How to select a JPO position?

The JPO Service Centre has developed an online recruitment database to streamline the process of recruitment and placement of UNDP and affiliated, UN Women, UNOPS and UNRWA JPOs. more 

Facts and Figures

Statistics about the JPO and SARC agencies, sponsoring country, acitivities and duty stations. more 

Partner Country Satisfaction Survey

In order to evaluate the needs and expectations of our various partners with regard to the JPO Programme in general and our services in particular, the JPO Service Centre conducts different yearly client-oriented surveys. more