As part of its efforts to strengthen the networking opportunities and foster a community spirit among current JPOs, the JPOSC has dedicated spaces on the professional Social Network Yammer: JPO-Net and SARC-Net. The JPOSC offers other opportunities to network among JPOs and SARCs through spaces on Yammer. It is also possible to contact each other through our online directories.

Current and former JPOs and SARCs can also meet and exchange on Facebook and LinkedIn. The groups on Facebook and LinkedIn are for current and forner JPOs and SARCs only, while the information published on our Twitter account is open to everyone. 

If you are a JPO, AE, YPO or the like not administered by the JPOSC and wish to join the Facebook and LinkedIn groups, contact the administrator and share with us your organization, your duty station and the timeframe of your assignment.


Stay in touch

 Luis Alcala Mugno JPO

JPO-Net and SARC-Net

On UNDP Yammer, JPOs and SARCs are able to exchange information and knowledge. Click here to read more about JPO-Net and SARC-Net.more