Learning Opportunities at UNDP

JPO Esther Senso. Photo: UNDPJPO Esther Senso. Photo: UNDP

UNDP constantly strengthens its relevance in the development landscape and its standing as a trusted partner, to become more innovative and enterprising, and to increase its effectiveness and efficiency in using resources to deliver results.

At UNDP, we promote a culture of Continuous Learning, Innovation and Knowledge Creation. Based on the continuous learning model, we promote and provide development opportunities within the "Four E's": Environment, Exposure, Experience and Education.

Talent Development Managers (TDMs) are your Learning Focal Points in your office: Allies and change agents on the ground.​

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Talent Development Centre (TDC)     

Virtual Career Lab

Online self-paced learning on almost every aspect of working-life and includes UNDP’s six mandatory courses.

The award-winning* Virtual Career Lab programme presents monthly sessions on career management topics of interest to ALL UNDP employees.                                                                


Leadership Development 

Certification Programme 

At UNDP, everyone can be a Leader! UNDP provides leadership and management development opportunities to all people working for UNDP, independent of their level, their contract status or their location. Please check our LD portfolio here.

UNDP offers two major certification programmes​: Financial Training Certification Programme and Procurement Certification.

Talent Development Manager (TDM)


Talent Development Managers (TDMs) are your Learning Focal Points in your office:  

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You can purchase 360 Degree Feedback and/or Coaching sessions with our Partner Envisia.