Training Allowance

The duty-related travel and training allocation (DTTA) is provided by the sponsoring Partner Country for work-related learning activities, such as participation in seminars, workshops, round-table discussions at national, regional, sub-regional and/or international level.

The DTTA is an allocation made by JPO/SARC-sponsoring countries on an annual basis and is available only during the donor-funded period of the JPO assignment. The amount of the allocation per annum is donor-specific and subject to change on short notice. When the JPO contract period is less than a year, the DTTA is pro-rated accordingly. Unspent funds can be carried over to the following JPO contract year. 

JPOs & SARCs should ensure that the necessary approvals are obtained to use their DTTA funds for an identified learning activity. The DTTA is not used to cover the expenses of the UNDP Programme Policy and Operations (PPO) induction course in New York.

Time spent on DTTA activities is not to be charged against the JPO/SARC’s annual leave balance.

Management of the DTTA account is decentralized to the country offices, including the monitoring of the amount available. However, JPOs & SARCs may contact their JPO Service Centre Human Resources Associate for information on their current DTTA balance if necessary. For UNDP JPOs/SARCs the informed balance will reflect the most up to date in Atlas. Thus, if a JPO/SARC has recently submitted claim for reimbursement which has not yet been processed, then this may not be reflected in the balance.

Furthermore, please note that self-ticketing for mission travel, including DTTA travel (i.e. purchasing your own air tickets online or by other means) is NOT allowed. In order to save on your DTTA you may want to try to find a cheap ticket yourself and then refer it to the appropriate “travel” person for him/her to buy it. Just remember that you always have to go through the local department/person dealing with “travel” to buy the tickets.