JPO pre-departure briefing


The JPO Service Centre organises on a regular basis a Pre-departure Briefing lasting two days for UNDP JPOs and one day for JPOs from other UN Agencies. This training course takes place at the JPOSC in Copenhagen.

The objective of this briefing is to introduce the JPO to his/her organization and the JPO Programme, and to prepare him/her for the JPO assignment and expected challenges.

It is recommended that JPOs attend the course before they start their assignment.



Providing a brief introduction to the JPO programme in UN/UNDP and prepare the JPO for the field environment, country office set up and expected challenges:

  • UN/UNDP for beginners
  • Introduction of the JPOSC: set up, history and provided services
  • Expectations as a JPO;
  • Expectations of the organisation
  • Field environment
  • Challenges as JPO/Stressors: professional, cultural and personal
  • Managing performance - PMD system
  • Managing career - Learning opportunities
  • Managing Reputation and Networking

Informing the JPO about benefits and entitlements and other practicalities of the JPO assignment:

  • Pre-departure arrangements
  • Briefing on benefits and entitlements
  • Training/learning opportunities as a JPO
  • Arriving in the duty station

Providing the JPO with an overview of the on-line services:

  • Overview of the JPOSC website
  • JPO corner and training / learning information base
  • JPO Alumni, exchanging information, networking
  • On-line tools (Benefits and Entitlements, Career management, etc.)