Managing Your Career

Welcome to the JPOSC's Career Management Page!

This space has been created to connect JPOs and SARCs to the latest career trends and tools and share useful tips on achieving your career goals. Whether you are a JPO, SARC or young professional who is interested in international development, it is never too early to plan ahead.

We provide the career advice, you take the action.

By creating a supportive platform for sharing career advice and resources, the following sections aim to equip young professionals to build meaningful careers in international development. We encourage you to use this website for inspiration and ideas on how to make the most of your assignment and take charge of your career development.

An opportunity to learn and grow professionally

The JPO and SARC Programmes are a springboard for young professionals to start a career with the UN and the field of international development. more

Featured Publications

  • UNDP Core Competency Framework

    The UNDP Core Competency Framework helps managers and the organization to clarify expectations and to set consistent standards for performance at every level in UNDP.Read 

  • UNFPA Career Guide

    The UNFPA Career Guide contains useful information, tips and resources on a wide range of career management and career development topics.Read