Sign up for the Mentoring Programme

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction." - John C. Crosby


The first step to become a mentee is to go to create a User Profile on the Mentoring Platform. It will only take a few minutes, since most of your personal information is automatically uploaded from Atlas. You will need your UN email address and intranet password to access the Mentoring Platform. 

What is the Mentoring Platform?

  • A platform to facilitate the matching of mentees with mentors
  • An opportunity for the mentees to take ownership of this process
  • A virtual platform to manage mentoring relationships - Access The Mentoring Porgramme via this link. 


Steps and access to the platform


1. Fill in a user profile by going to the “My User Profile” section and clicking on “Edit Profile” at the top right corner. You will notice that some of your information is already there, as UNDP staff member.


2. Enroll as mentee in the JPO Mentoring Programme after you have created your 'User Profile' and be aware of the next steps to take after you have created a user profile and enrolled in the programme. 


3. Search for and request a mentor of your choice at “Mentee sign up”.

You can narrow down you search by looking for mentors based on a number of criteria, for instance:

  • Duty station
  • Gender
  • Practice area
  • Unit

4. Connect with your mentor. Once the mentor accepts your requests, the relationship will be established. 

Unless otherwise agreed, it is expected that you as the mentee will take the next step, i.e. get in contact with your mentor and agree how to proceed from here. Find inspiration on how to do this in the document to the right "Steps to take as a mentee".




Should you encounter problems at any of these steps, please do not hesitate to contact Pierre Noel: or Lisa Andersen In case of a technical problem, we would like to ask you to provide a screenshot, which makes it a lot easier to find a solution.