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The UNDP Mentoring Programme is an initiative introduced by the JPO Service Centre to match current JPOs and SARCs with mentors who are experienced UN staff members

The goals of the Mentoring Programme are to support JPOs and SARCs with their assignments and contribute to a meaningful learning experience that will empower JPOs to make decisions and take action in their assignment and on their career choices. 

Who is eligible?
The Mentoring Programme is offered to SARCs and JPOs who are assigned to UNDP, UNCDF, UNV and UNDOCO.

How does the Mentoring Programme work?

For 6 months Mentees receive support, guidance and feedback from an experienced UN staff member who is also a former JPO or SARC. The Mentee and Mentor will decide on the frequency and duration of their meetings which can be arranged in-person, online or by phone depending on the location and preference of the participants. Mentees can then discuss a range of topics with their Mentors, including career development, career options within the UN, supervisory issues, work-life balance and even settling into a new duty station. Each mentoring relationship and topics discussed will be unique based on the Mentee’s individual needs, and the Mentor’s area of expertise.

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The initial steps to enter the Mentoring Programme

JPO Mentees can search and request a Mentor using a smart online Mentoring Platform that matches Mentees with Mentors. The platform features a searchable database that allows Mentees to search and view Mentor profiles for information such as the Mentor’s location of duty station, areas of specialization, languages spoken, etc.

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SARC Mentees are contacted early on in their assignments by the JPO Service Centre and are encouraged to contact a mentor that has been specifically matched for them.

The Mentoring relationship can be initiated at any stage of a JPO or SARC assignment, although it may be particularly useful during the first year when settling into a new role, or towards the end of an assignment as JPOs and SARCs begin planning future career moves. The objective is to offer support to - and development of - new staff, who are facing unfamiliar challenges and territories.