Learning and Career Development

The JPO, SARC & SDP Programmes develop the capacities of all professionals involved to enhance their career development and to support their action on the ground for shaping a better future.

The JPO Service Centre offers many different opportunities, ranging from a mentoring programme to a training allowance, so that the JPO or SARC's experiences are a real springboard for a successful career within the development world. You will find in this section learning and training opportunities for all JPOs administered by the JPOSC and SARCs.

Defining Career Objectives

The JPO Service Centre offers a large range of services and tools which can be combined into a customized career support package to suit the JPO needs. more

Expand your horizons

  • Pre-departure briefing

    This section is dedicated to pre-departure briefing session's objective and curriculum. more 

  • Learning Opportunities at UNDP

    Your JPO or SARC experience is a wonderful way to gain exposure professionally and personally. There is so much to look forward to, so much to learn. more 

  • Orientation Training

    The orientation training is the training that your UN Agency will provide you as you start your assignment. more 

  • Training Allowance

    The duty-related travel and training allocation (DTTA) is provided by the sponsoring Partner Country for work-related learning activities. more 

  • JPO & SARC Workshops

    The JPO Service Centre organises workshops for JPOs, SDPs and SARCs on a yearly basis. The workshops provide an opportunity to bring together JPOs/SARCs working on similar projects, as well as to allow country offices to gain a better understanding of their respective programme. more 

  • Career Support

    Services offered to JPOs and SARCs to support their career development. more 

  • Mentoring

    The UNDP JPOSC Career Mentoring programme is a voluntary programme, based on the intentional relationship between the mentor and the mentee, where the mentor is a more experienced member in the organization or within a particular practice area. more 

  • Navigating New Cultures

    The Intercultural website is intended to assist you in strengthening your inter cultural competencies. It contains information on intercultural management and advice on how to learn, communicate, work, explore and adapt in an intercultural environment. more