2012 JPO/SARC Satisfaction Survey

Published on 15 Jan 2013 - 122 pages


JPOs and SARCs were asked to base their answers to the questionnaire on their experience over the past twelve months. The results and percentages calculated are based on the number of answers for each question.

The present document is a synthesis of the answers obtained in the 2012 JPO/SARC survey.

The survey was divided into eight sections, as follows:

  • Recruitment and entry on duty procedures (16 questions) (for JPOs and SARCs who had been recruited less than one year prior to the questionnaire being sent);
  • Assignment (11 questions);
  • Training and learning (8 questions);
  • Administrative follow-up (9 questions);
  • Harassment (10 questions);
  • JPO/SARC information needs (7 questions);
  • Career development (8 questions);
  • General comments and feedback (1 question)