JAA-Net on LinkedIn

The JAA-Net is open to all members of the JPO Alumni Association. Through this space, JAA-Net members are able to exchange information and knowledge, leading to the strengthening of the JPO Alumni community spirit.  

JAA-Net members can use this group to start a conversation with their peers and receive knowledge and information on diverse issues, ranging from:

  • Training and career opportunities
  • Job opportunities, including a weekly Job-ads Bulletin that is compiled and shared by JPOSC
  • Work-life balance or culture-related concerns and advice
  • Any other topic JAA-Net members wish to bring up for guidance and debate

How to Contribute

Upload and share documents via a SlideShare by clicking this link.

Please note however that the UNDP JPO Service Centre is the owner of the JAA-Net space in LinkedIn. As such, it reserves the right to edit/delete contributions, as well as to contact the contributors, if necessary.

Please address any questions or concerns you might have about the JAA-Net LinkedIn Group to the following email: jpo.registry@undp.org.