JPO Alumni Association (JAA)

Whereas a large percentage remains in the UN system, the rest continues a career in NGOs, bilateral organizations, in research-related areas or in the private sector. This creates a rich pool of experienced professionals around the world. And the JPO Alumni Association keeps them connected!

Who We Are

The JPO Alumni Association promotes a lifelong connection to the United Nations' activities. More specifically, it aims at: Making use of the talents and resources of former JPOs to advocate the United Nations values. Fostering a community spirit and knowledge sharing among former JPOs. Facilitating job search for former JPOs. Currently, the JPO Alumni Association (JAA) groups more than 2000 members and is growing steadily. Membership of the Association is free of charge open to all former JPOs/APOs/YPOs/AEs of the UN System.

A lifelong connection to the United Nations' activities

As highly qualified professionals with hands-on experience in international co-operation, former JPOs spread around the planet to work in different kinds of areas.more


  • JAA-Net

    Through this space, JPOs are able to exchange information and knowledge, leading to the strengthening of the JPO community spirit. Furthermore, JPOs are able to be kept abreast of the JPO Service Centre’s activities addressed to them.more 

  • Yearly JAA Directory

    The JAA Member Directory aims at producing a yearly snapshot of the composition of the JAA, from which key statistics, as well as trends over the years, can be extracted. more