How to read a Personnel Action Report (PA)

09 Jul 2014
Personal Action Report (example)

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The Personnel Action (PA) report contains 4 sections, named here A, B, C and D. Please have a look at each section to understand better what is important to check in your own PA. 

You have here the possibility to download an example of PA to look closer at it.



Personal Action Report A
  1. Name    As reflected in passport
  2. Action/reason   The reason for processing the action in ATLAS (for example: Hire/ initial appointment; data change/ contract extension etc.)
  3. Duty station/ country     Place and country of assignment
  4. Date of Birth      Day/month/year as reflected in passport/ birth certificate
  5. Gender M/F
  6. Contract type    Fixed Term Appointment
  7. Classified title    Program Analyst for JPOs; Progam Specialist for SARCS
  8. Grade   P 1/2/3
  9. Step  1/2/3/4/5


Personal Action report B
  1. Marital status    Based on marriage/divorce certificate
  2. Effective date    Appointment date (EOD)
  3. Contract expiration         Expiration of appointment
  4. Part time             Always 100% unless working part-time
  5. UN Pension Fund   (PF ded date)   Date of enrolment in UN Pension (if applicable)


Personal Action Report C

  1. Index number   Your UN index number
  2. Nationality          Your UN recognised nationality
  3. Next increment date      Next date of step increment always the first of the month
  4. Pension number (PF no.)             Pension Fund number (if applicable)
  5. Company:  Organisation Agency Programme
  6. Place of home leave      
  7. Place of recruitment      
  8. APA/Duty station   Entitlement duty station (if assignment to the SOA location started before 1 July 2011, entitlement duty station is the APA administrative place of assignment)


Personal action report D
  1. Effective date    Date of dependency registration
  2. Name    As reflected in passport
  3. Relationship (Rel)            Relationship to SM as well as status declared for insurance enrolment
  4. DoB (Date of Birth)          As reflected in passport
  5. Marital Status    Based on marriage/divorce certificate
  6. Marital date       Based on marriage/divorce certificate
  7. Disable (Dslb)    Yes or No
  8. Deceased            Empty unless deceased
  9. Dependent (dep)            Yes or No refers to financial dependency (as reflected in P.84 dependency status questionnaire)
  10. Eligibility date (elg date)      Date of dependency registration