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JPOSC - HR Focal Points


HR Focal Point JPO/SARC/SDP Portfolio Partner Country
Ms. Lisa Fialla Andresen UNIDO, WHO, WIPO Denmark, Japan
Ms. Rana Irshaid Andersen RBAP, RBAS Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland
Ms. Lorrae Davey   Austria, Norway, United Kingdom
Ms. Christina Favrbo Un Women Denmark, Japan
Ms. Karina Haggren Ingildsen UNFPA Canada, Denmark
Ms. Tine Holmgaard Hansen RBA, RBEC, RBLAC, UNCDF Belgium, Kuwait
Ms. Svjetlana Tafro Headquarters Finland, Italy, Portugal
Ms. Tine Therkildsen UNAIDS, UNOPS, UNRWA, UNV, UNWTO France, Germany, Republic of Korea, The Netherlands