Created in 2001, the JPO Service Centre is part of UNDP's Office of Human Resources, Bureau for Management Services.

The JPO Service Centre is at the hub of the UNDP and other organizations' JPO Programmes. It acts as the focal point with partner countries on day-to-day human resources matters, including JPO recruitment, selection, placement and reassignment as well as on a variety of financial and administrative issues. The JPOSC works closely in these areas with the UNDP regional bureaux and managers of other participating organizations and funds, providing advice and developing new tools to improve the JPO Programme.

The JPO recruitment is an annual exercise. It is based on the financial cycle of the partner countries, which for most of them follows the calendar year. Decisions on sponsorship are made at the beginning of each year and the number of JPOs selected will vary according to the partner countries' financial resources allocated to overseas development and to their development priorities.

In accordance with the JPO Programme policy, JPOs are placed in country offices in response to specific requirements and are not recruited for established job vacancies. JPO assignments are not filled on a "replacement" basis and are not considered an entitlement.


JPOSC Management

Ms. Lykke Andersen
JPOSC Manager

& Business Development Team

Mr. Jean-Luc Marcelin 
Programme Specialist

Mr. Pierre Noël
Learning Analyst

Ms. Fernanda Lopez Parrado
Partnership & Reporting Associate


Human Resources Team

Ms. Lisa Fialla Andresen 
HR Associate

Ms. Karina Haggren Ingildsen
HR Associate

Ms. Rana Irshaid Andersen 
HR Associate

Ms. Christina Favrbo
HR Associate

Ms. Tine Holmgaard Hansen
HR Associate

Ms. Laura Stoelsgaard
HR Associate

Ms. Svjetlana Tafro
HR Associate

Ms. Tine Puk Therkildsen
HR Associate

Ms. Samah Hitary
HR Assistant

Ms. Volida Eshankulova
HR Assistant


Operations Team

Ms. Lorrae Davey
Finance/HR Analyst

Ms. Lemelyn Maguigad-Gaddi
Finance Associate

Ms. Ivana Skovgaard
Operations Associate